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What are the new outsourcing trends for 2019?

Security as priority 

As the times are growing so is the need for sensitive data protection. 2019, will see extreme and technologically advanced measures taken. Advanced security measures related to automation and threat intelligence will find a way into the outsourcing world.


RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is another new disrupting technology that is capable of disrupting the current market of outsourcing app development and bring the cost down too. There is a very high amount of data inflow during the making and testing of any mobile app and if we multiply the number of applications, the numbers are sky high. This size of data can be managed and analyzed only through automation.


This will also reduce the cost and work to provide a better quality app with the use of AI.


Hybrid Cloud Platforms

The use of cloud platforms is already rising up to a peak and cloud technology is all ready to become a trendsetter. For outsourcing companies, they will be able to highly improve and innovate their services and enhance the efficiency of their business process.


There are a lot of futuristic technologies in-line for helping out the outsourcing companies and clients who are looking to hire an outsourcing mobile app development. 2019 has a lot in store for both of these parties.





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