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Building up a ride-sharing business - Simple checklist

Developing the best on-demand ride-hailing or carpooling applications with custom feature sets, across various platforms empowers with the capacity to expand, optimize taxi/cab business ops, automate, with Lyft and Uber-like white-label Uber clone carpooling solutions that are reliable, robust, affordable, and scalable.

Business checklist for ride-hailing app

- Conduct research on rivals
- Evaluate interface
- Do you have the appropriate vehicles for the business to function
- Features with distinct attributes to be associated with an app
- Maps and GPS
- Payment Gateway Integration
- Insurances and licenses
- Push notification
- Car tracking
- Driver priority


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  • Ridesharing has been on constant growth and it is no surprise that so many people are showing interest to build one of their own. Launching a ridesharing business involves a lot of things that need to be kept in mind to hit success from the start.

    Creating a strong vision

    Ensure that you have a strong niche for your business. It is very essential to differentiate yourself from your rivals. Setting up a goal helps you to understand what is needed for you to attain them.

    Setting up a business model

    It is a primary factor to set up an operating model that would best suit your business. Whether it is an entrepreneur type, partnership firm or fleet owner, it is essential to formulate the business strategy, the number of vehicles needed in your fleet and streamline the operations to have an impact in your business.

    Marketing strategy

    Employing key marketing strategies - online and offline - could prove to be effective for the growth of your business. It’s not how well you name your business, but how well you market and promote your brand which results in bringing more customers.

    Legal policies

    When starting a taxi business, it is very important to look out for the rules and regulations adopted in that particular region and avail it as soon as possible. This includes insurance and driver license along with all valid documents to not get into legal problems.

    Ridesharing application

    Employing an application for your business is one of the wisest options you could ever make. An application contains three panels - admin, driver, and customer - that contribute to error-free smooth transits.

    Also, the application should possess MVP features such as:

    • Accurate tracking of assets

    • Multiple payment gateways

    • Resource management

    • Call masking

    • Wallet payment options

    • Multilingual support

    Try Tagmytaxi, a white-labeled taxi dispatch application that best suits the taxi business on all fronts.

  • The taxi market is on the rise and starting an Uber clone business may look promising. But there are so many hidden facts that need to be analyzed before you lay your hands on starting your new business.

    Following are the steps that need to be followed in building a ridesharing business:

    • Do a complete market research.

    • Look out for the strategies used by your rivals.

    • Identify the pros and cons of the ridesharing business.

    • Do market research and buy an app best suited for your business type.

    • Build an uber-clone app.

    • Choose the right business model.

    • Calculate the right investment and spend wisely.

    • Marketing and promotion will make your brand reach a wider audience base.

    • Keep track of your customers, drivers, and vehicles.

    • Accept payment by all modes using payment gateway integration.

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