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Building up a ride-sharing business - Simple checklist

Developing the best on-demand ride-hailing or carpooling applications with custom feature sets, across various platforms empowers with the capacity to expand, optimize taxi/cab business ops, automate, with Lyft and Uber-like white-label Uber clone carpooling solutions that are reliable, robust, affordable, and scalable.

Business checklist for ride-hailing app

- Conduct research on rivals
- Evaluate interface
- Do you have the appropriate vehicles for the business to function
- Features with distinct attributes to be associated with an app
- Maps and GPS
- Payment Gateway Integration
- Insurances and licenses
- Push notification
- Car tracking
- Driver priority


  • Hi There,

    Informative post! Thanks for sharing with us, I would like to share some additional information regarding long distance ride-sharing business. If anyone planning to start a long distance ride sharing business, Before going to launch, know the business and revenue model of successful startups like uber and lyft to easily rise over the competition.   
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