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cosmetic dental clinic

cosmetic dental clinic: Cosmetic dentsitry deals with smile corrections which is set of procedures including teeth whitening,fixing dental crowns even face lifting for some patients. 


  • 2 of my teeth have cracked, and that was extremely painful... IDK where to go to get this work done at a reasonable price.
  • ShinEvaShinEva Member
    edited April 30
    I've got the same issue! Some days ago I fell off my bike, and bumped my lower jaw. In that moment I didn't feel anything, but some days after, one of my lower teeth started to loosen. You just can't imagine how scared I was! Thanks God, those from, deal with dental emergencies and managed to fix it back into the socket somehow. Also, the doctor was so calm and careful, I have never encountered such an approach to patients. Besides, the procedure was completely painless. So, I'm really grateful to this team!

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