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Bringing sustainability on a budget-H&M

Buying clothes is very easy, but buying clothes responsibly? This is a part that stumps a lot of us. We live in a world that requires a lot of nourishing, and we can do this even through the clothes we wear, by buying clothes that have been made responsibly.

Sustainability is a concept that is coming up in very different facets of life. Sustainable energy - yes, understandable. But sustainable clothes? Yes, this is also possible, and very very essential. Did you know that the clothing industry is one of the highest polluters in the world? We should change that right. Well, companies like H&M are doing their part to save this world. They are focused on making clothes in a sustainable way by not burdening the environment. 

A lot of practices include being sustainable, and it’s sometimes hard and frustrating to know that your go to brand do not follow these practices. Sustainable is also very often followed by the adjective expensive. This is however not necessarily true. Even if it is, couponing websites like Barakatalan help you purchase these more responsible clothing at the best costs. Here are the tags to look out for when searching for sustainable clothing. 

Eco-Friendly Fabric

Perhaps the most important one, the fabric has to be eco-friendly. This means that in the process of creating the cloth, the environment is not harmed, nor are animals living in that environment. Cloth like cork fabric and organic cottons are popular choices. The use of pesticides and insecticides is completely banned in this area of eco-friendliness. 


The care and recognition given to artisans is very high when talking about sustainable fashion. When a product is machine made, it automatically uses a lot of electricity and fuel in the process, meaning it’s not sustainable anymore. When clothes are handmade, they get made slower, and with more responsible practices and more care. This is one of the reasons why handmade products are priced higher. Use H&M Promo Code from Barakatalan to not feel this price hike as much as you normally would. 


When an outfit gets worn out, what do we do? Use it as rags or throw it away right? Did you know these old clothes can be recycled and remade into new products. H&M has undertaken this as a mission and has till date collected more than 55,000 tonnes of clothing for reuse and recycling in the past 5 years. Associate yourself with such a reputable brand. Purchase using H&M coupon code for awesome discounts on your buys. 

There are also other ways you can be more responsible with how you treat the clothes you already own. For example, don’t wash your clothes too often. This leads to millions of tons of microfibre ending up pin the drainage system and ultimately the ocean. You could also use eco-friendly detergents while washing clothes to decrease the impact on the environment.  

Sustainable fashion is not a hard area to pursue at all. Next time you’re buying clothes, just take a little extra time and effort to know where your clothes come from, and whether they’ve been made responsibly. This practice will definitely pay off in the long run. 

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