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Incorporate innovative features into your taxi app with Uber clone

An Uber clone is a ready made script that works like the popular taxi apps. It can be customized according to the entrepreneur’s needs. Any basic feature and unique features that will help a business stand out can be integrated easily with the help of expert developers. Features like Book for a Friend and Call Masking can be incorporated to appeal to the users. 

Users can easily book for a friend and select their contact in order to send booking details. The Call Masking feature allows a user to call the driver without their contact information being revealed. Instead, the number is masked and a different one is visible to the driver. Simple but effective features like these can be added to the app. There is so much opportunity in the taxi industry. This is why entrepreneurs should take advantage of this opportunity and build their own taxi-hailing app. Check out Turnkey Town for the best clone app development solutions.


  • Hi There,

    The Invention of taxi booking apps has changed the entire scenario of taxi booking services. Earlier it was hard to book a taxi anytime or anywhere we wanted. However, when taxi booking service providers like Uber and Ola launched their app in the market, this issue mitigated entirely.

    More than 80% of peoples started using this taxi app to book taxis anytime and anywhere. Due to the high usage of this app, there is a need to provide some safety features in the taxi app. According to me, upcoming taxi startups and existing taxi entrepreneurs are must-have customer safety features in taxi mobile app development.

  • An Uber clone app is no more a choice but a necessity for taxi businesses today. With a digital solution, taxi service providers can easily automate business operations and eventually engage more customers. When it comes to building an Uber clone application for your taxi business, make sure it comprises unique features. This way, you can improve your operational efficiency while convincing your customers that you have something more than what your competitors have to offer.

    Tagmytaxi provides an Uber clone solution that comes with the following features.

    • Heat maps- Identify areas with high demand and position your workforce accordingly to engage more customers.

    • Multilingual support- Allow your customers and driver-partners to use the taxi application in a language they choose.

    • Call masking- Ensure maximum privacy for your app users by masking their personal contact information.

    • Payment gateway integration- Allow your customers to pay for their rides online by choosing a preferred payment method.

    • Marketing support- Use the in-built marketing features such as referral programs and push notifications to expand your customer base.

  • A ready-made Uber clone solution helps taxi operators to automate their businesses and always be just a click away from their customers synchronously. Your Uber clone app has to comprise a unique set of features so that you can serve your customers better and be a step ahead of your competitors.

    Our Uber clone app has various noteworthy features including:

    • Street pickup- Help your drivers to reduce waiting times and accept more rides with the street pickup option.

    • SOS button- Help your customers and drivers to get in touch with you and other selected contacts when there is an emergency.

    • Loyalty program- Expand your workforce and attract more customers by providing your existing drivers and customers with referral codes.

    • Review and Rating- Allow your customers to rate your drivers at the end of each ride and improve customer experience.

    • Daily reports- Keep track of all your business activities with statistical reports and make decisions accordingly.

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