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How to recover lost data from oneplus 5?

ddunejddunej Member
edited August 2019 in Networking and Internet
The OnePLus 5 excels at gaming and media playback. We went through extensive sessions of Asphalt 8 and GTA: Vice City and the phone easily held its own. We noticed a few dropped frames in Asphalt 8 in some levels but other than this, we had smooth framerates throughout. The best part is that the phone doesn’t overheat even when we used outdoors in our humid climate. The back gets a bit warm but nothing that would make you have to stop to let it cool down. The display produces very good colours and deep blacks, thanks to the AMOLED panel.

Method to recover data from oneplus 5:

I recommended an Android software called Android Data Recovery is a perfect person! When I use it, I find it very easy, it can quickly restore my deleted data. Not only that, Android Data Recovery can also help your oneplus 5 recover deleted data, including photos/video/audio/messages. Today I will share with you how to use it.

More info:

Recover photos from oneplus 5t


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