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How To Recover Google Account Step By Step Help

Get all information about Google account recovery

There are a number of things to remember and in this digitized world, we have completely depended upon technology. And this is why we save the passwords on browsers and devices. But sometimes, the Google users has to face an issue of forgetting the password. This happens when a user clears the cookies and data to get a smoother access. And the user forgets the password of Google account as they have saved the password.

But don’t worry, you something like this is happened to you, then, you should read this article to get all information about Google account recovery.

How would you do Google account recovery without phone number?

  • In the first place, you would require to visit the Google password reset page.
  • There you would require to enter the email address and also click the Next option.
  • Further, if you have remembered the last account password, you may enter the password in the given field. Or you may click ’Try another way’ button.
  • Afterward, you will be asked to choose either option for Google account recovery, the recovery email address or the- phone number.
  • Once you select the recovering email address, you would receive a resetting link for Google password reset on your email account, click on it.
  • In addition, you will reach the Google account password reset page and there you would see option to create password.
  • You need to create the new password for your Google account also you are required to confirm the new password by clicking the password again in the provides field.

This is how you would require to save the changes by clicking the ‘Save Changes’ option to complete the Google account recovery process.

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