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How to launch an on-demand super app like Gojek?

The introduction of on-demand services has significantly improved the way we carry out our daily routines. On-demand services are a great boon to us as we can accomplish almost every daily necessity spontaneously.

There are a legion of on-demand services currently available. Out of them, the taxi services, food delivery services, and grocery delivery are dime a dozen. Yet there are many other services that will seek users’ attention. They are plumbing, carpentry, tow truck, beauty, massage services, and much more.

What to condense all these services into a single app and win the hearts of users? We have got your back. The Gojek clone app is the king of on-demand multi-services apps. The app supports nearly 63+ on-demand services. Get your Gojek clone app from Appdupe, a premier clone app development company that offers white-label solutions.
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