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How to recover lost data from samsung note 9?

The Galaxy Note 9 also has surprisingly loud and powerful stereo speakers. There's one on the bottom, and the earpiece doubles up as the second. The stereo effect isn't perfect, but all our music, games and videos sounded rich, and voices were crisp and clear without any distortion.

Samsung says it has used a unique water-carbon cooling system to diffuse heat. We found that playing games and recording videos did cause our review unit to get a bit warm, but we were able to get through two rounds of PUGB without feeling too uncomfortable.

Method to recover data from samsung note 9:

Samsung Data Recovery software. It can scan your phone and SD card deeply and find the deleted data and other data for you. You can select, preview and recover deleted data from samsung note 9 easily. Besides Whatsapp messages, you can also recover deleted photos, text messages, contacts, call logs, music, books and other document files from samsung note 9 phone.

More info:

Recover photos from samsung note 9


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