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Here are the some Roku tips and tricks For the roku customers

It is always useful to know about everyday life hacks to simplify all our daily tasks. Likewise, even though, you are a yearlong Roku user, still, you may not aware of some simple ideas, which can enhance your daily streaming entertainment. We have garnered some easy tips and tricks that can add more value to your Roku streaming. Read further to know more about the tricks,

Additional remote

Getting troubles and misplacing the remotes is a very common problem among all the TV users. If you lost your remote or remote is aggravating you by malfunctions, don’t worry. Just install the Roku mobile app, and you can switch to the remote mode. Now your smartphone turned out into the roku remote with just a few clicks

Channel installation

If you want to add the channel to your account remotely anywhere, just move on to the Roku channel store via browser by signing in to the account. Tap the add channel button in the web page, and now by going home, the channel is ready to stream on your TV

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