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Lottie by Airbnb: Innovation or Limitation For Designers?

OverloadOverload Member
edited May 2019 in Graphics

Very often, when creating interactive interfaces, animations, or screen transitions, developers encounter problems in doing them in code. This can make the development process time-consuming and inexpedient and is particularly crucial when working on outsourcing projects with limited budget and time, but with a need for stunning user interface.

A little while ago, Airbnb announced a new animation tool 一 Lottie 一 for easily using animations in apps. This engineering animation software helps convert animations of any complexity into a JSON file allowing developers to just drop it into the product. Airbnb Lottie not only makes engineering in animation easier but works on multiple platforms: iOS, Android, and React Native. Want to know more about apps for creating animations? Then this article is for U ))

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