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Finally you guys gona rock with os 9.1

Highlighting features of os 9.1

· Use the voice search feature and speak using your voice to make all the required selections. Start your search right away to explore the world of entertainment with the top channels like  Pandora , I hear radio, Tune In and a lot more

· The most used voice commands include replay, turn closed captions on or off and a lot more.

Auto sign out mode or the guest mode

· If you have an account, the guest mode will enable and allow multiple users to login to the same account at the same time

· The good part is that you can enable or disable the Auto sign out mode any time you require

· All you need to do is to navigate to the my linked device option on your  my account page

Select the My offers

· My offers, another feature available with the latest operating system version 9.1

· To select the My offers option you can navigate to the left navigation screen that is available on your Roku home screen

· Use the section if you would like to purchase any of your Roku products and spare parts 

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