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How to recover lost data from samsung note 9?

ddunejddunej Member
edited May 2019 in Networking and Internet
The Note 9 has fast wireless charging capabilities via the Qi standard. The 4000 mAh battery is significantly upgraded from previous Samsung Galaxy phones; as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which only had 3300 mAh, which was due to the battery that was in the Note 7. The 4000 mAh was previously seen in only the Active variants of the S7 and S8.

The dual-camera system has one lens with a dual-aperture (f/1.5 and f/2.4) system similar to the S9, but the setup is flipped horizontally rather than vertically, similar to the Note 8's setup.

Method to recover data from samsung note 9:

Samsung Data Recovery here in this article is actually Android Data Recovery. It can scan your samsung note 9 phone and SD card to find the deleted data you want to recover without backup. You can recover deleted text messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, music, books, Whatsapp messages and other data from samsung note 9 phones easily. 

More info;

Recover photos from samsung note 9


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