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5 kW solar panel cost in up

The 5 kW solar system is the preferred choice for customers who experience frequent power outages in homes and commercial businesses. It comes with a 6 kW inverter capacity.

The Benefit of a 5kW Solar System

  • It can generate 25 kWh / unit during the day 

  • Stores 15,000 watt-hours of electricity for use at night or in an emergency. 

  • The 5 kW solar system is ideal for large homes, offices, and commercial businesses. 


The price of the 5 kW solar system is roughly Rs. 4.85,000 in India. This price may have varied. 

Om Solar Solution offers an affordable 5 kW solar panel cost in up. In addition, we offer comprehensive rooftop solar installation services as well as highly efficient resource management planning.

Contact our solar energy expert for the business solution you need in Uttar Pradesh!


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