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Starting a business with a USB Duplicator

A company would seek a duplication service over buying the equipment because their needs for equipment are not as frequent to justify the purchase.  This is why a company will seek out a service company to do the work.  When your customer base is built up, you will have many clients looking for services, thus keeping a high demand on the [b]([url=]USB Duplicator[/url])[/b]  equipment.  This is a good investment if you are committed to building a business which people can rely and depend on.

What many service companies realizes are multiple revenue streams from offering USB duplication services.  One additional revenue stream is selling the customer USB flash drive media.  There are many times a company will need information on the USB flash drive, but that company will not know a trustworthy manufacturer to buy USB flash drive blanks.  The additional revenue stream is selling the flash drives to the same customer who is requesting duplication services.  In addition, as the client has repeat orders, they will return to your business for the purchase of flash drives and the purchase of USB duplication services.

As with any product, have a logo or information printed on the device is helpful to the company.  Another revenue stream is offering print to the USB flash drive itself.  For example, a company may require a user manual to be available off line and on a flash drive.  It would be valuable to print the user manual name and version number on the flash drive itself to make it easier to identify the digital content on the flash drive.  By offering print services, it is another method to tie in the customer to your services, your value and your business model.
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