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What are the essential features of urban clap clone script

Wouldn't we all love it if there is a one-stop solution for all our queries? And if that solution comes in handy in the form of an app, it will give a feeling of our life put together. 

This idea brought us the advent of super apps like Urban Company clone apps where multiple service apps are brought together under one umbrella. 

Let us look at the various features of the urban company clone that gives a better user experience.

Features of the urban company clone script

  1. ·         Easy sign up through mail or social media

  2. ·         Data encryption

  3. ·         User friendly application

  4. ·         Optimised search and filter operations

  5. ·         Easy and multiple payment methods

  6. ·         Ratings and review

  7. ·         In app chat and call facility

  8. ·         Live tracking and map facility

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