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What are all the facts that you dont know about HP

Complex Design

Printers are easy to operate but at the same time a complex machine. That’s why the design of any printers should give very little room for any issue. With its small motor, calibrated configurations, vibrations, and temperature, it might lead to maintenance issue which costs more. Some printers produce noise which has become a major complaint. Industries start designing plastic gears to reduce this problem

Narrow Specifications

Most printers come up with almost the same design with narrow specifications. This is because most people can’t identify which brand they have to choose for their home or office according to their requirements

Printing Industry doesn’t earn much profit!

Many people always prefer low-cost printers as printing is the only job they need to do with the printers. This made manufacturers introduce many designs with existing technologies which could cost less

Maintenance matters!

Maintaining your printers like your mobile or computer is a significant thing. But people don’t give importance to this when it comes to printers. Inkjets need good maintenance to keep the cartridges clear from any clot.

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