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How to fix the brother printer printing blank pages?

We all loves brother printer because it is expert in giving the hd quality printouts. also, It will not consume lots of ink in printing the documents like other devices does. That's why most users chooses to use it on the office use. Although, brother printers are really easy to use in the home or office. yet, sometimes, users might have minor issues with the device like- it is printing blank pages etc. which can be fixed easily by making some changes into the printer and computer settings. 

Why is my brother printer printing blank pages 2021?

Reinstall the printer driver-

Whenever brother printer is printing the blank pages from the windows 10 or mac computer. you should uninstall the driver and install a newer version of driver. To do that, you need to visit the control panel on the windows computer and click on the program and features. Now remove the printer driver from there.

If you are a mac user, please go to the library and click on the printer folder, now drag your brother folder into the trash.

Once you will remove the folder, you may retry to access the printer again. it will start working fine again.

Restart the printer services-

Once you install the new driver into your printer, you should restart the printer services on the windows computer. so it can perform well. to do that, you need to visit windows service manager and click on the print spool service. Now click on the restart button to restart this service.

Check cartridge-

This is the most important thing to check when your printer is printing blank pages. most probably the cartridge is empty or it isn’t setup correctly. in such case, you need to remove the cartridge from your printer, and make sure there is no packing plastic available on it. specially on the electric panel or nozzle area. If you find any just remove it. now put the cartridge back into the printer. while installing the new cartridge, make sure that your machine is locking it properly, it doesn’t get locked, you need to remove the cartridge and reinstall it.

Update the printer firmware-

Please go to the printer settings and look for the current firmware version. Now go to the brother official site and check which is the latest version. If your printer has an older one. You need to update the immediately by downloading the recent software from the brother official website and install it on your computer.

Service the printer too-

Also, sometimes, you may have the blank pages from the brother printer because of print head and nozzle issues. So you should clean the nozzle of your device and then retry to access the printer and print something.

I am sure your printer should be printing a quality pages now. If you are still getting the blank pages. you need to go to the brother official service center and ask them to replace or repair this printer. If this will be in the warranty they will do it for you immediately.


  • If we talk about the reason behind the printer printers blank page, it is usually due to some fundamental problems.

    Amount of ink in the cartridge is low.
    Printer not to detect cartridge.
    Do not make the print head or Nozzle work properly.
    Print settings are invalidated.
    Having driver issues.

    Quick tips to fix brother printer printing blank pages
    When the printer prints blank pages, let’s make a copy. If it is copying fine, it’s an issue with the printer driver settings.
    Replace the cartridge/toner if it has a low amount of ink.
    Check the USB Connection, if it is printing the blank pages.
    Remove or re-add the brother printer to the computer.
    Clean the printer nozzle & print head.
    Uninstall the brother printer software & install a new driver.

    I hope these steps will be helpful!
    Tim Paine
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