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How to Transfer Photos from Android to Xiaomi MI 9

KuawalarKuawalar Member
edited February 2019 in Mobile devices
Xiaomi officially announced Xiaomi Mi 9, the internal codename "Battle Angel" on February 20. Lei Jun issued a document saying that Xiaomi Mi 9 is not only the best-looking millet phone in history, but also very capable of playing, and the performance is super strong.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is fighting for "love for love and fighting for the technical belief of engineers." He said that Xiaomi engineers are technical ascetic, technical masochistic, eager to pursue the experience, and ambitious when making products.

According to the information disclosed at present, Xiaomi Mi 9 uses the Snapdragon 855 processor, which is the first to adopt the three-camera design and wide-area screen fingerprint technology.

Are you also looking forware to buy a Xiaomi Mi 9 to replace your old Android phone? If so, you must be interested in how to transfer photos from Android to Xiaomi Mi 9, right? Well, to transfer data from phone to phone, you can not miss the Phone Transfer. 

Phone Transfer is the all-in-one data transfer tool that can directly Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another. So, you can easily Transfer Data from Samsung to Xiaomi Mi 9 by using this tool in one click. 


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