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What are the key benefits of QuickBooks Remote Access?

Remote access is the use of a secure server that allows users to access their desktop applications from any other device regardless of their location.
With QuickBooks remote access, businesses can meet the rising demand for remote accounting data accessibility. 
Benefits of QuickBooks Remote Access
With the remote accessibility of QuickBooks available, users would be able to gain several positives that add value to their business operations, such as 
Saves the time of travel and cost of office infrastructure for accountants
Accounting professionals can have up to date access to QuickBooks all the time even when they are not at the office
Different users can collaborate on the same QuickBooks file
Business owners or managers can track the activities of the accountants
QuickBooks Remote Access tool can connect to the remote machine on which QuickBooks desktop is installed. It can perform basic tasks such as copying files between local and remote computers, print files on the remote server using the local printer, access QuickBooks data folders and files remotely, etc.
This software works on the Cisco WebEx tool that supports online meetings and communication services. QuickBooks Remote Access is an add-on for QuickBooks accounting software, available in the two versions – QuickBooks Access and Full Desktop Access.  You can purchase the tool directly on the website of Intuit.
There are several other remote access software from third-parties available in the market that offer almost similar services, and you can use them to use QuickBooks remotely, just like using a local desktop. However, there are some challenges, such as – network connectivity between both devices, permissions setup, etc., which may trouble the smooth operations.

I hope this information helps!
Tim Paine


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  • BhavKaurBhavKaur Member
    Hi user,

    Most small businesses I know, use QuickBooks to manage their accounting processes. It not only helps them keeping track of their bills and invoices, but it also makes the tax filing process easier.

    Furthermore, it will also help you collaborate more efficiently with your CPA.
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