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What is the purpose of the Rapido Clone app for mobile taxis?

According to Mordor Intelligence, more than 70% of the bike taxi market is captured by the Asian pacific. The demand for on-demand taxi-hailing apps is flourishing worldwide. Entrepreneurs are aspiring to capture the current market trends by investing in Rapido clone app solutionsThe clone app's layout and workflow are not unordinary so that people will prefer these apps over other apps for their familiar interface. It is built following the design regulations of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Features to include in bike taxi apps

Routing and Geolocation: With the optimized routing panel, drivers can easily locate customers' locations.

Track records: The previous ride history is present in the track record tab. There is also the option to rebook directly from ride history.

Alerts and Notifications: Users are notified upon ride-booking status changes, coupons & discounts, recent updates via push notifications.

Payment modes: Customers can pay for the services for the rides seamlessly through digital payment modes and in-app wallets.

Booking rides for others: The rides can be booked for friends and family, and the details of the ride-booking can be shared through WhatsApp.

Split fare: The fare can be divided accordingly among the riders in the case of pool rides using the split fare feature.

Every business requires a dynamic approach to be successful. According to the market trends, update the Rapido clone app.

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