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Game Critics

BibhuranjanBibhuranjan Member
edited December 2013 in Gaming
Every now and then, you play a game and have something to like/dislike about it. In this thread people can post their unbiased views on any game and give others a better view on it.


  • DJScopeDJScope Administrator
    edited March 2014

    A very interesting and much needed approach on economic simulation. The game is very in depth and robust. But still lacks the chaotic things that happen in real life. (Which is a given, it is only a game)
    The graphics are great and it runs through DX11. Not sure what engine it is but it is pretty beautiful.

    Its hard to get going at first couple of tries but once you get the balance between the different needs of survival you can outlast a decade but as you expand, the game gets significantly more difficult.

    I give it a 8/10 for now.

    Considering there is only 1 person who takes care of the whole game, how young the game is and it fits in a 200MB package, this is a good score indeed.

    On Moto G XT1033

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