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What are the different entities in the Uber for massage therapy app ?

In most cases, the Uber for massage therapy functions like an aggregator. It brings together the massage therapist who might not have a gig and people who might not be able to find a massage therapist by combining a personal profile, GPS, and navigation. Let’s discuss about the different entities in such apps:

  1. Consumer app - It is quite possible that a consumer uses a massage app only because they are stressed. So, the process of booking a massage therapist should not be stressful.

  2. App for the therapist - Most massage therapists who use the on-demand massage app are people who are looking for gigs to earn extra income. They should be provided with an app that makes the job easier for them.

  3. Administrator app - The administrator is responsible for maintaining the quality of the app, and they should have absolute control over every aspect of the app.

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