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Model View Intent

The Android app development company started adopting patterns like MVP, MVVM, etc. Recently, we all started hearing this other term called MVI or Model View Intent and we have seen a lot of talks and blog posts about this pattern. IN MVI, THE DEVELOPER DRIVES THE SYSTEM INSTEAD OF BUGS DRIVING THE DEVELOPER CRAZY! There’s a lot going on with the implementation and things like Action, Result, Processor, Reducer, complex reactive chains, etc.

MODEL VIEW INTENT Model is a term which is common to various patterns like

  •  MVC: Model View Controller
  •  MVP: Model View Presenter
  •  MVVM: Model View View Model

Model in MVP or MVVM is everything other than the View and Presenter (or ViewModel). This can also be called the data/logic layer. The user interacts with the UI like User hits pull to refresh on the screen which can also be called User’s Intention to refresh the screen.

This Intent brings about change in State of the screen. This change can occur via any kind of background logic, but the most important thing is that any change in this state has to happen only by firing an Intent. This new State is rendered on View and this newly updated View is shown to the User.
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