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Difficulties Students Face While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for a large number of students seeking to secure university admission at major international universities in order to obtain university degrees from the world's top universities and thus increase their chances of getting jobs. However, there are a range of difficulties and challenges that will come students’ way who want to study abroad, and to succeed in their studies must overcome these obstacles one after the other, where the student must adapt to a new society away from his family, and must learn the language of the new society and master it in order to communicate effectively. In addition, they will be exposed to new customs and traditions which students must respect. They may also suffer from different laws. What is permitted in their country may be prohibited in the new country. The country in which he or she intends to study, they should know about the laws and culture of the country before beginning the study.

There are many difficulties that the students face during their studies abroad, especially during the first year, where the students will face difficulties in education, and in the new universities, which may be different from the educational system in their country.  The student may face difficulties outside the university in adapting to the new life away from his family, as he will arrange his house and cook his food, wash his clothes on his own and other things that he used to find ready in his home and his family. The most prominent difficulties facing students abroad are:

  • Lack of understanding of lectures

The lack of understanding of the student lectures is one of the biggest difficulties in studying in the graduate, especially in the first year of the study, where the student must listen to the lecturer and quickly translate what he says to understand the information, and may find it difficult if stopped at the words said by the lecturer and thought, at that point chances are, a little bit of information will be lost.

The main reason why students fall into this error is the method of indoctrination which is still practiced in a few countries, since this method depends on writing everything that the lecturer says. In fact, the ultimate goal of the lecture in the developed countries is to write the student important notes. So as to focus on them during the study and the lack of proficiency of the student language of study in a professional may increase the chances of this problem. To overcome this problem, the student must master the language of study well, and the student should choose to sit in the front rows.

  • Scientific Writing

The undergraduate study requires the student to prepare and do researches, and this is not good for the expatriate student in case he did not master the language of study and English, because the student will have to return to a large number of references and books that are available in the university library. These books are in English and in the language of study. Therefore, mastering these two languages and writing scientific research will contribute to overcoming this difficulty. It is not possible to forgive the existence of literary theft in any scientific research. If literary theft exists, it will punish the student and may expel him.  But the students can surely reach out to assignment writing service providers and say “Kindly write my assignment cheap UK rates” and they’ll complete your research papers at affordable rates. 

  • Different cultures
The difference of cultures is one of the most difficult difficulties faced by students while studying abroad. He may be studying in a country which has a culture that totally differs from the culture of his country in terms of customs, traditions, eating habits, etc. Therefore, he must study the cultural differences before traveling to a new country, so that he can be in harmony and don’t have to run into the situation in that country.
  • The problem of housing

Many new students suffer from the problem of housing, the universities they study may not provide them with university accommodation, which may force them to live in hotels and then start looking for a home in the new country. Probably they have to face great difficulty in this matter because they do not know much about the new country, and the students can overcome this in case they communicate with someone in the country of study, and security of housing before they arrive.

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