How to recover deleted photos from samsung note 9?

The Note 9 photos show more saturated colors than the S9+, though. At least some of that comes from the phone's "intelligent camera," which, like the camera on the LG G7, automatically tries to scene-select based on what it thinks it sees. In testing, that caused photos of plants, especially, to have richer, deeper colors and more detail. So that's good.

I had less luck with the Note 9's "flaw detection," which is supposed to detect if photos are blurry or someone is blinking. It told me my "last shot might be blurry," but didn't offer any suggestions on how to fix that (hint: raise the shutter speed). It also didn't detect blinks when I tried it.

Method to recover samsung note 9 photos:

Android Data Recovery for Windows and Android Data Recovery for Mac,both provides you many advanced features to recover deleted files from your Samsung Galaxy note 9, such as contacts, videos, text messages, photos, WhatsApp chat history and more.

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