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Reasons why you should get a white label roadside assistance app

This article is for you if you are an entrepreneur with plans for creating an on-demand mechanic service app. Hundreds of people get stranded in the middle of highways, and your app is going to provide the real solution. Most people will rely on your app as you are going to them in situations they rarely encounter and are often unprepared. Your service will cover vehicle towing, fuel delivery, jumpstart, replacing lost keys, tire changes, etc.

Features that you shouldn't miss on your on-demand mechanic service app:

Find professional service providers in your vicinity:

The drivers will face their worst nightmare if their car/truck gets breakdown all of a sudden during the trip. You can assist them with your on-demand mechanic service app. As most drivers face problems in the middle of highways, they find it challenging to get roadside assistance. Even if they can find someone, it is hard for them to explain their exact location, and take hours for appropriate help to reach them. But that's not the case in roadside assistance apps. Every on-demand service app in the market will have in-built geolocation features so that the drivers can share their real-time location with the user. 

With a few taps and swipes on their smartphones, the drivers will book a tow truck at any time of the day. The professionals can reach faster by tracking the real-time location of the users. Geolocation is one of the features that you shouldn't miss out on your app.

More control over the app:

For an app that connects drivers with mechanics, you must add every nitty-gritty feature into it. The users should have more control over the app and its functionalities. They should be able to schedule bookings according to their requirements and select through a plethora of services. Offering more customization options to the service makes users get connected with the app easily. 

In-app payment:

Payment is one of the essential parts of on-demand service apps. As customers choose services from an application, they prefer to make online payments. The payment gateway should process transactions faster and must be secured. The app should have multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, net banking, PayPal, etc. Ensure that your development uses the latest security encryption methods to design your platform. Thus being an on-demand service provider, you must offer an in-app payment feature for your users.

Call/message mechanics:

It is an essential feature in your roadside assistance app and has excellent use in practical life. It enhances the purpose of your app as the users can contact the mechanics before they arrive. The drivers can give directions over a call, and they can get valuable tips from the mechanics over text and more. It promotes the user experience on the platform, offering a seamless service.

Here is why you should get an on-demand mechanic app for your business:
Promotes the growth of your business efficiently:

The drivers can request your service anytime they require and also choose what they need. Offering the utmost convenience for the users will be the ultimate aim of every on-demand service provider. Entrepreneurs from various niches regularly update their applications to provide better service to their customers. These apps bring essential services to the customers' locations instead of traveling to the providers' place. Drivers can book a schedule at any time of time based on their availability. A roadside assistance app can do wonders for your business and help you reach heights in this niche. 

You will have full control over your business operations and can easily monitor your stakeholders. Out-of-box ideas can further boost your business in the market. You can offer exclusive services like picking the customers' car for the maintenance service center instead of driving. Offer monthly/quarterly plans for your customers to make the most of the opportunities. 

Expand your business effortlessly:

You can easily reach out for more customers with a mobile app as you will have tons of options to market your application. Devise a unique marketing strategy to capture the attention of your target users. Sell your app by advertising the unique selling propositions of your business. Focus on your target users and optimize the app to offer the best services for them. Never make any compromises on the features and functionalities of your app. Ensure that your app is supported on both Android and iOS to capture maximum users. Your development team will help to transform your ideas into reality. You can effortlessly build an online brand and get loyal customers.

Customer support:

The customer support team will ensure that the user/mechanic will not face any issues while using the app. The team will handle all kinds of requests and grievances from the user/mechanic side. They will be available round the clock to take calls to resolve any issues.

Booking via phone call/SMS:

This feature can be convenient, mostly when the drivers get stuck in a location/situation when an internet connection isn't available. They can book for the service by calling the nearest service provider or by sending an SMS. The closest provider's details will be available on the app, and the users can access it without an internet connection. The list will get periodically updated every time the user switches ON the mobile internet.  

Bottom line:

To build an app like Uber for tow trucks, you will need the following professionals in your development team.

  • Project manager

  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Quality analysis experts

The numbers will differ depending on the scope of your project. Your development team will take care of the app's requirements and allocate team members suitably. The cost of developing your app will depend on the number of hours your development team works.

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