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Opt best free pst splitter software give multiple options to split PST files such as Split by A straightforward program to split by size, year & folder PST is one of the most usually used platforms for MS Outlook for Windows. PST holds a number of databases. You can download the free trial version which split few items from each folder.

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  • If you are searching for the best PST Splitter to divide the large sized Outlook PST file into smaller once, then you can use the professional third party Cigati Outlook PST Splitter Software. The Tool can provide the encryption on the new Outlook PST files by applying different Encryption type. It can also break the PST files by date, size, and also on the basis of Email Address.

  • To split PST file, many solutions are available but one should choose the safe solution, therefore, I would like to recommend Split PST Tool that comfortably split any large PST file into smaller parts with 100% data safety. Moreover, the software works without installing Outlook. You can split any large PST file based on size, year, and folder in a few minutes with this application.
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    If you are looking for the best way to split large PST file into multiple small PST files, in that case, I would recommend you try PST Splitter tool that smoothly works with all versions of MS Outlook and allows users to split large size PST file into multiple small PST files. It provides four options to split PST file such as:

    Split PST File by Size
    Split PST File by date
    Split PST File by year
    Split PST File by folder

    To know more about this tool, one can also download a free demo version of this tool.
  • Go to the Home screen, open the default PST file and select the items which you want to move to a new PST file you created. For this, click on Move button from the top and select Copy to Folder option. Next, choose the PST file from the copy the selected items to the folder option and click OK.
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