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  • Softaken Merge PST Tool is the best solution for merging various PST files into a single PST file. as we all know manual tricks takes a lot of time to merge file. The PST Merge tool merging multiple PST files or folders as one. This utility merges various MS outlook contacts, outlook emails, and outlook calendars into one PST file with great ease. 
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  • Let’s first look at the manual method. Follow the steps below:

    Step 1 : Create a brand new blank PST file
    Step 2 : In this newly created PST File, import all PST files.

    Steps to Make a New PST file that is completely blank:

    1. Open MS Outlook Program
    2. Click New Items
    3. Select More Items
    4. Select Outlook Data File option
    5. Specify the location where you want  to store the PST File
    6. Name the PST File
    7. Click Ok

    Steps to import all the PST Files:

    1. Open MS Outlook
    2. Select Import option by clicking on File tab > Open > Import
    3. Under an Import and Export Wizard, choose Import from another program or file option
    4. Click on Next
    5. Choose file type to import
    6. Click on Outlook Data File (.pst)
    7. Click on Next
    8. Click Browse
    9. Select the file to import
    10. Check the Do not import Duplicates option.
    11. Click on Next
    12. Now, click on Select the folder to import from.
    13. Now, check the Include subfolders and Import items into the same folder in option
    14. Click on Finish

    If you do not wish to opt for the manual method owing to its lengthy process, you can opt for a professional third-party recovery software.  This dedicated software is a perfect solution that combines multiple PST Files into a single file within a fraction of seconds.

    In a market where there is no dearth of software tools, which ensures to cater to the combination needs of PST Files efficiently.  However, not all of the available options in the extensive collection are up to the mark. Some of these software tools have marked their presence.

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  • Simple steps to merge multiple Outlook PST files are as follows:
    Step 1: Download & Run PST Merge Tool.
    Step 2: Select Add Files or Folder.
    Step 3: Choose any of the options: Merge or Join.
    Step 4: Select Merge in New PST File, Existing PST File & Outlook Profile.
    Step 5: Click on the Next button to start the process.

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