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How to start an e-scooter rental business with an app?

E scooter rental business is doing amazingly well and is projected to grow multiple times by 2020. It is a dream come true for commuters who travel a short distance. Deal out taxis as only a handful of drivers accept rides that cover a short distance. But what happens when the distance is too short to drive but too long to walk? The answer is e-scooters. The easy pickup and drop of the vehicle is one of the major pros.

Pros of starting an e-scooter rental business

E-scooter is becoming people’s favorite because of its friendly and convenient characteristics. Before knowing the pros of starting this business,

let’s get to know why it is popular among the people.

  • Easy commutation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Avoid traffic
  • New experience
  • Easy pick up and drop

These are the major reason why people are liking it. And all these are also pros for your business. These points attract a lot of customers and hence you can have a wide customer base.

Because there’s no involvement of a third party you don’t have commissions to pay anyone. Everything is yours.

What do you need to start this business?

Unlike other ride-hailing businesses, this one doesn’t need a lot of planning and resources comparatively. You don’t have to hire or pay the drivers. All you have to do is invest in good e-scooters. It is okay, in fact, good to have basic models because this is a new venture and not all your customers would be a pro in riding an e-scooter.

The second and important requirement is building a user-friendly app that will enable easy booking and secure payment. The app should be enriched with features that are easy to understand and takes less time overall.

Things to note:

There have been backlashes with respect to the safety concerns of e-scooters compared to other electric vehicles. So ensure safety to keep problems at bay.

Check the transportation laws and abide by the same. Maintain the vehicle and have the batteries charged.

Ensure there’s ample space for parking. When the users park the vehicles they have to park without it being a disturbance for the movement of pedestrians.

Install geo-fencing so you can be aware when an e-scooter leaves the border.

Maintain the e-scooters and check for batteries.

How does an app work?

  • User signs up
  • Creates a profile
  • Searches for a nearby e-scooter
  • Reaches out to the e-scooter
  • Unlocks it with the QR code
  • Rides and then locks the bike again

It is difficult to find a company that matches your expectations and ideas. You need an Uber for e-scooters app that will help to manage the business without any hassles.

What AppDupe offers:

It is clear that the e-scooter rental business is lucrative. If you are looking at launching an on-demand e-scooter business, then you need a sophisticated app. Developing an e-scooter app from the start is an expensive affair that needs a lot of time and resources. That’s why you should choose AppDupe who offer the best e-scooter app development services. They offer 100% customizable Jump/Bird clone app that will help you achieve a wide customer base.

  • The services and solutions of the app include,
  • Native mobile apps
  • White-labeled solution
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Scalable product
  • Turnkey solution
  • A plethora of features for the app
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Geo-fencing
  • Live geo-tracking
  • Voice calls
  • Social media login
  • Toggle availability
  • Select model

You now have all the information that you need to launch an e-scooter rental business. Get yourself a sophisticated app from AppDupe. Check their website for a free demo


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