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Why is it a great idea to start an on-demand beauty services business right now

Technology has evolved over the years and transformed our lives to a great extent.  The time when machines, industrialization, and factories dominating the industry are long gone. The Internet has taken over every sector and on-demand services are leading the path to a whole new level of the market. In today's modern world, we can do things that people never imagined twenty-five years back. We can get groceries, cabs, medicines, food, and everything to our doorstep with on-demand services. 

The emergence of on-demand beauty services:

The beauty industry is one of the industries that has never shown a decline in the number of customers. In fact, it is picking up its pace as millennials require beauty services on a regular basis. The modern customer is more interested in maintaining their physical looks than the previous generation. The popularity of on-demand services is due to its ability to offer essential services to the users without having them to compromise on their time and schedule. The taxi industry, supermarkets, restaurants get the most revenue from their services. Similarly, the concept of offering on-demand beauty services has kicked in and it can also be offered in the customer’s location without having them leave their house. 

The demand for home beauty services in the market:

Reports say that more than 28% of hairdressers, cosmetologists, and stylists work as independent contractors in the US. The situation is no different in other countries as there is a major spike in demand for on-demand beauty services. These apps offer an ideal environment for offering the best beauty services for the customers. The efficiency and convenience offered by these apps are the main reason behind its success. Customers can avail of the salon-quality service at the comfort of their homes. The beautician will visit the customer’s location to provide the service mentioned in the application. 

These apps are also beneficial to the beauticians as they can avoid the idle time in their working hours. They can get more customers and can increase their revenue substantially.  Both freelancers and full-time professionals can enroll in this application. As everything falls in place, and everyone is benefited from this service, it is no doubt that the market is going to be the next big thing. 

How can you earn from an on-demand beauty services app?

You can earn easily with an on-demand beauty service app in the following ways. These strategies can easily fit in your business and can boost your revenue.


This is a common strategy followed by every on-demand service. A percentage of the money will be charged from the customer’s bill amount as a commission fee. 


Sponsorship can be an effective way to increase your revenue and can be useful for service providers to boost their business. 


This can be highly profitable for your business but works only if you are popular in the market. You can offer options for other businesses to advertise in your application and then charge for it. You can offer various packages for the advertisements based on their duration, section it appears, etc.  This method guarantees a high return of investment within the least possible time.

Why do people prefer on-demand beauty services:

Booking an appointment and getting it in your preferred time is not possible. If your schedule is too tight to make changes for you to get to the salon, then you will postpone your appointment. Sitting in the waiting area is another headache as you will find yourself scrolling your social media profiles and wasting your time. The on-demand beauty services app provides the solution people always looked for. Customers are also unaware of the special discounts and deals available at other salons. These apps clearly list the offers and discounts provided by salons around you. 

How to scale on-demand beauty services:

Consider adding new categories like Ayurveda, laser, aquatic therapy, nutrition consulting, yoga, meditation, etc, as it can be an effective way to scale your business. Think outside the box and consider adding ecommerce services within your application. If you start selling beauty products in your application people will love it. You can witness a slow drift of users towards your platform. Improve the reach of your business with various strategies to boost the overall revenue of your business. Offer subscription services in your application in which the subscribers will get a mystery box delivered to their home with beauty products. This strategy is proven to be a hit with the millennials. 

In a nutshell:

Now that you about the demand and monetizing strategies in the on-demand beauty service industry, you can go ahead to develop your application. Get in touch with a professional on-demand demand beauty app development team to start building your application. Make use of the potential in the market and starting your brand.

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