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The various stakeholders in an on-demand laundry app business

Gone are the days when people used to say that technology cannot help us with everything. Ironically, people use mobile apps for almost every activity in their lives. Mobile apps help us to travel, get your groceries, fix an appointment with the doctor, etc. On-demand services have become the need of the hour as these applications have taken the world to a whirl with its business opportunities and benefits. These apps have cleared the issues that people used to face at brick and mortar stores. No one would have imagined that mobile apps would be helpful to take care of the laundry. Due to their hectic schedule, people continuously depend on the on-demand services app to get their food, groceries, and to book cabs. One of the main reasons behind the success of the on-demand services apps is that it addresses the needs of the people in an effective way with the integration of the latest technologies to solve the problems they face in their every day lives. The stakeholders involved in an on-demand laundry service business are the laundryman/rinser, delivery executive, and the customer.

Laundryman/ rinser:

The laundryman/ rinser will get an alert about the confirmation of the order placed by the customer. Their work is to wash, dry, and iron the clothes and hand over the package to the delivery executives.

Delivery executive:

The schedule for pickup will be sent to the delivery executive. The laundry will be collected from the location specified in the order. The pickup time will be mentioned clearly in the invoice. Once the laundry is done, the delivery executive will get a notification to collect the clean clothes and delivery it to the customer’s location.


A customer will place the order for laundry service and the package will be picked at the doorstep by a delivery executive. The customers can schedule their preferred time of pickup. 

There are various stages in the laundry app development process and the cost of developing an application will be determined by calculating the number of hours worked by developers in each stage. The overall cost of app development will increase if you choose to implement executive features in your application. Offering on-demand laundry services is an innovative idea. There isn’t much competition in the market and you can easily make a name for yourself in the market. The future looks promising for the on-demand laundry services industry as people are getting more dependent on mobile apps in their daily lives.

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