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The functionalities and elements of a taxi booking app

Every taxi booking app service relies on the development of two different apps: passenger app and driver app. The apps will be interconnected with the help of an admin panel.

Passenger functionality in a taxi booking app:

The following are the core features of the customer side application. These features are necessary to run the basic operations in a ride-hailing service.

  • Registration

  • Taxi Booking

  • Fare Calculator

  • Driver Tracking

  • Payment

  • Push Notifications

  • Messaging

  • Driver Rating & Review

  • Travel History

  • Customer Support

These advanced features will be subsequently integrated into the application over the regular updates. The more unique these features are, the more the app will get recognized in the market.

  • Pickup Location

  • Ride Cancellation

  • Split Payment

  • Interactive Map

  • Later Ride

  • Book for Other

  • Gamification & Discounts

  • Voice Recognition

  • Waiting List

  • Panic Button

Driver functionality in a taxi booking app:

The following are the basic features of the driver-side application. These features are necessary to run the basic operations of the drivers.

  • Driver Profile & Status

  • Trip Alert

  • Push Notifications

  • Navigation & Route Optimization

  • Driver Delivery Reports

  • Messaging

The aforementioned features can be found on any other app in the market. The success of your application is determined by the exclusive features in your application. Some of the advanced features of a taxi booking application are:

  • Driver Destinations

  • Quest Earnings

  • Waiting Time

  • Heat Maps

  • Forward Dispatch

Admin panel features that are necessary for taxi booking apps:

These are the functionalities that are required on the admin platform. It is responsible for the efficient functioning of the business.

  • Locations & Fares Management

  • Driver & User Management

  • Booking Management

  • Vehicle Management

  • Review Driver’s Orders & Payoffs

  • Check Ratings & Reviews

  • Notifications Management

  • System Content Management & FAQ

  • Promotions & Discounts Management

  • Driver & User Support

  • Integration with Google Analytics

Monetization strategies in ride-hailing apps:

  • Commission from drivers

  • Trip fares from passengers

  • Charges from trip cancellation

The trip fares will be calculated with a uber ride calculator by combing one or more criteria mentioned below:

  • Base fare

  • Cost per mile

  • Cost per minute

  • Booking fee

Bottom line:

If you are getting into the ride-hailing business then you should get a taxi booking app like Careem. You can have entirely different business operations and offer more value for your customers by adding exclusive features. But the basic functionalities can be borrowed from Careem as the business model is the same. Get in touch with a development team to learn more about the development process and cost. 

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