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What is the cost of building an Udemy clone app?

The system of learning is evolving like never before. To understand the future of this industry we have to know where we are. The e-learning industry is currently flexing its boundaries and features to make online learning better for the masses. Online learning wasn’t well-received initially and often considered to be shady corners that offer online videos.

Things started to change as more credible universities like Duke and Cornell started to offer online certifications. Now it is estimated that more than 6 million students pursue their higher education via e-learning. These numbers keep rising as the demand for professional skills increases in the market. It is such a demand that cannot be met by our traditional education system. People are expected to have extensive skills in coding, business management and to be creative in digital designing and writing to get a job in today’s standards. 

Several companies have started to recognize the value of online courses and started to consider the online certifications in interviews. People are increasingly getting dependent on their smartphones, so e-learning apps are launched to offer better services to them. So if you are considering developing an app like Udemy, now is the right time to approach a development team.

It is good that you have planned to get a Udemy clone app instead of developing a new app from scratch. It will cost more and will take months to develop a basic version of it. However, you can easily deploy your Udemy clone app in the market within two weeks. The app will be integrated with the basic features of the Udemy since your app will have the same functional model. The cost of developing your Udemy clone app depends on the number of features that you choose to include in the application. Make sure that you include exclusive features in your application to stand out from the competition in the market. 

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