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How to Transfer Data from Samsung to MI MIX2s?

XiezhenyeXiezhenye Member
edited May 2018 in Mobile devices
Millet MIX 2S for millet, is not just a breakthrough in industrial design and the 2018 flagship model, millet MIX 2S to millet and users of millet for a long time in the mobile phone photos of short board Supplement Qi, millet phone in the picture has a qualitative change.

Regardless of color reduction, accuracy of exposure, accuracy of white balance and accuracy of focusing, millet MIX 2S has shown enough strength. And the idea of true restoration in color algorithm is what other manufacturers should learn.

Are you also looking forware to buy a Mi MIX2s to replace your old Galaxy phone? If so, you must be interested in how to transfer Samsung data to Mi MIX2s, right? Well, to transfer data from phone to phone, you can not miss the Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is the all-in-one data transfer tool that can directly Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another. So, you can easily Transfer Data from Android to Mi Mix 2 by using this tool in one click.


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