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What are the functions of software asset management?

In today’s digital world, it is inconceivable to imagine a business organization that operates without the use of technology. In order to gain full control over modern tech solutions, companies use software tools to perform a wide range of business functions. Be it the automobile industry, healthcare industry, education or any other industry. All of them use IT resources, which includes software. 

Software solutions help organizations efficiently carry out their everyday activities. They require proper management so that they are always in working condition, and available whenever required. By installing a software asset management tool in the workflow, you will be able to efficiently perform the following functions:


  • Assess what software services you need to improve your operations.
  • Keep track of software license expiry dates.
  • Keep your software services up-to-date.
  • Manage software service requests by employees.
  • Regulate who uses your software services.
  • Ensure that your software services adhere to the latest regulatory policies.
  • Update and synchronize software solutions.
  • Manage the utilization of software resources.


Seamlessly perform all of those essential software management functions using SmartAMS. It is a robust software asset management tool that is designed to meet all software management needs in all types of companies. Get your free trial today.


  • LilithLilith Member
    That's a truth well spoke right there. I could never imagine running my business without the correct software to assist me.
  • LucartLucart Member
    edited April 8
    It's one of the most important points if you want to run your affair smoothly and be able to have satisfied customers. The best software for managing your company are made by people who know how to instruct you and teach you in a way the best practices to follow when starting something of your own. That was particularly the case with me and my business partner when we opened our tutoring agency. We were driven and focused on the online clients and one critical key component of our success was the information we found on We were able to act confidently and have no fear to open our site following their advice.
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