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How to Recover Deleted Data from Google Pixel 2/2XL?

edited May 11 in Mobile devices
Google conference is not just a new product appearance. Google also hopes to stimulate the discussion on the trend of consumer hardware products, which is not the most important part of hardware configuration. The competition between AI and machine learning ability is the highlight.

Google Pixel 2 series seems to lack some popular elements compared with apple and Samsung's flagship phone. There is no super narrow fuselage and double shot of Note 8, and there is no iPhone X avant-garde full screen and Face ID. Of course, the advantage of Google's self produced Android phone is the system. The two mobile phones are equipped with Android Oreo, and will get the system upgrade push at the first time, which is the third party Android phone can not be realized.

However, no matter how good a cell phone is, it can't avoid the risk that users delete data incorrectly, so, how to recover deleted data on Google Pixel 2/2XL? The answer is Android Data Recovery, which can directly restore any lost data including contacts, photos, videos, call history, messages, WhatsApp chat, audio and more from Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2XL even with backup. What's more, you can backup and restrore your phone data by using this tool in one click.


  • ddunejddunej Member
    edited May 14
    Android Data Recovery is a data processing software for Pixel and other Android devices. You can recover the lost and deleted data by using this software, whether it is because of the artificial or other unexpected circumstances, it can help you recover almost all of situation.

    Recover lost data on google pixel 2
  • kimera11kimera11 Member
    edited May 16
    As the matter of fact, once your file deleted on mobile phone, they are not really gone forever until overwritten by the new data. It means that you have a change to recover deleted files from android with the help of third -party data recovery tool, Android Data Recovery. The program supports you to recover deleted contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, WhatsApp, call logs and document files.
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