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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone, Bypass the Lock Screen on Samsung?

KuawalarKuawalar Member
edited April 2018 in Mobile devices
How to bypass the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy phone without losing data or restoring to factory settings?

Forgot the password of your Samsung Galaxy phone after setting it long before? Can't enter the password due to your Galaxy phone with broken screen? Got a second-hand Samsung Galaxy phone with locked screen?

No matter what is the reason that your wanting to remove the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy phone, Samsung Lock Screen Removal allows you to get rid of the unknown passcode in few minutes, including pattern, PIN, password and fingerprint. Whatever the passcode you choose, nothing will be lost after that.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung phone
Step 2. Enter into Download Mode on your phone
Step 3. Download recovery package
Step 4. Remove Samsung lock screen without losing data


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