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How to startup an on-demand ride-hailing app with Uber clone?

Uber and other regional cab booking services have opened the floodgates of on-demand location-based transportation services as a promising and profitable business model. If you'd like to capitalize on this wave, and also swiftly hit the market, Uber clone apps are the way to go. With these customized clones of Uber, you can save a lot on the time and money that goes into developing the app from scratch.

Uber operates on a global scale, and it might not be practical to directly take on Uber. However, you can create a business that operates in your country or your city. For that level, you can use cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, or Parse. At a later stage, you can consider implementing advanced technologies.


  • An on-demand application has become an inevitable component of ride-hailing businesses at the moment. With a digital solution, the service providers can facilitate easy and quick ride booking for their customers while automating business operations. 

    However, building a ride-hailing application from scratch is both expensive and time-consuming. Now, an Uber clone application comes as the most effective and economical alternative.

    Tagmytaxi builds feature-rich Uber clone applications and tailors them to perfection to meet varying business objectives. The noteworthy features of our digital solution include:

    • GPS tracking

    • In-app chat/ call

    • Multilingual support

    • Call masking

    • Street pickup

    • Split fare

    • Payment gateway integration

    • SOS button

    • Marketing support

    • Heat maps

    • Geo-fencing

    • Review and rating

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