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Is there free open source code for a mobile apps like Uber?

Free open source code for an app like Uber may not be trustable as you think. Apps like uber are complex, so any free open source code will not function efficiently. Instead, you can go for the Uber clone apps provided by several app development companies in the market. They are affordable and highly advanced. They have a long set of features that provides good user experience to the customers. They are listed below:

1. Quick and easy registration options- Users can register using their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts
2. Advanced search filters- Multiple search filters to help them find any item or service easily.
3. Live tracking- User and delivery executives have access to each other’s live location.
4. Access to contact information- Details of contact such as name, phone number, etc., are displayed in the app.
5. In-app technical support- Queries of the customer can be solved using the in-app chat or call facility.
6. Easy payment methods- Payment gateways included in the app will help you pay for the product or service easily.
7. Reviews and rating system- The delivery executive and the user will be able to rate each other and provide feedback.

To purchase an efficient and optimized app like Uber, you can contact UberLikeApp. They are one of the skilled app development companies in the industry and will build the most suitable app for your business.


  • Building an Uber-clone app certainly gives a competitive advantage for your taxi business. However, executing the idea with free open source code is usually not reliable. Hiring app developers to build your taxi application from scratch is also expensive. Buy a ready-made Uber-clone app and you are all set to boost your taxi business.

    Get in touch with a reputed company like Tagmytaxi to purchase a feature-rich taxi application at a reasonable cost. Here is a look at some of the noteworthy features of our taxi solution.

    • GPS tracking - To monitor your drivers and track vehicles down to their live locations.

    • In-app chat/ call - To promote better communication between passengers and drivers for improved customer support.

    • Payment gateway integration - To allow your customers to pay their ride fares using cash, in-app wallet, credit/ debit cards.

    • Multilingual support - To give the users multiple language choices and help them use the app in a convenient language.

    • Loyalty program - To attract more new customers and driver-partners with discount codes and referral bonuses.

    • Heat maps - To identify areas with high demand and position your drivers accordingly.

  • An app like Uber is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for taxi businesses. But then, using open source code to build your taxi application is not advisable. Any app built with open source codes can never be effective and long-lasting.  There is no better option than purchasing a white label Uber-clone app for your taxi business.

    Our Uber-clone app comes with extensive features including GPS tracking, automated fare estimation, street pickup, airport transfers, call masking, referral program, SOS button, advanced analytics and more.

    The digital solution comes with three separate modules to automate taxi operations.

    • Passenger app - Customers can book rides, track/ call drivers and make ride fare payment from the passenger app.

    • Driver app - Drivers can accept ride requests, find their way to the pickup/ drop locations and keep track of their revenue using the driver app.

    • Admin app - Business operators can track vehicles and resources, manage ride requests and keep track of overall business performance from the backend panel.

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