The classic war: Android vs. iOS

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Well, here's a link to my blog. I don't mean to promote it, but I've written an article I'd like you guys to read.
It actually is just a showdown between the App Stores of the two OSs but I think I'll make you interested, so just check it out!

And please feel free to share any other links, or just comment and make conversation. Happy reading! :D

P.S. - I wasn't sure which section to put it in, so admins are welcome to move it around. And just for fun, I'm attaching a poll with obvious results.

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  • sunitknandisunitknandi Administrator
    I answered your poll.

    But one thing remains, no matter how awesome the App store is, or how smooth the WP UI is, for a guy like me who texts and codes on the go, Android is everything. Any other mobile OS will cripple me, as I am a power user.
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  • ManoharManohar Administrator
    Every OS is designed for different people, for example, I'm not a power user like @sunitknandi , I like the simplistic look of iOS, heck even WebOS looks simple and appealing to me. I don't mean Android is not simple. It's elegant. There IS a difference. 
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  • .... and here I am sucking on Firefox OS's teat .___.

    But no seriously, they have a great API to work with, makes developers cringe with pleasure. Either way, nice article without the usual hate to either side :D
  • @sunitknandi, as @Manohar said, every person's need is different. The article you read was for that person who loves to try out different apps and check out different features. If you're a dev, it's kinda hard to choose an iPhone because of the development costs on it ($99 per year) when compared to Android ($49 one-time, if I'm not wrong) or Windows Phone (pretty cheap, plus ads pay unconditionally).

    And @DoomKookie, I agree with you man! :D I myself was rolling on Ubuntu OS for quite a while. Only after Nexus 5 was released and I fell in love with the white, did I switch back to stock and installed the apps set which I distributed in the Nexus 5 post.
    Akshit Tripathi. Proud owner of a Nexus 4. Check out my details on
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